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Why is the Solopreneur Survival Guide Podcast Free?
Why am I not selling it as a course?

I decided to do this for a few reasons:

  1. I wanted to create the free podcast I wish I could have found when I first started my business
  2. There are already buckets of business coaches out there selling their business course for $1000 – $2000 or more and I don’t feel “you need to invest money in yourself” in order to grow a successful business
  3. There are a lot of Business To Business (B2B) marketing strategies being taught that really don’t apply to Business to Consumer (B2C) businesses, so I wanted to clear that up and share what actually works across all niches
  4. I don’t need this arm of my business to be my primary source of income. My personal development business to help highly sensitive high achievers avoid burnout so they can recover their energy, optimize their habits, and elevate their impact – that’s where I spend the most time. That being said, I am still here to answer questions in the app so please feel free to ask! I’m here for you!

What is the Solopreneur Survival Guide App?

The app is the podcast – but better! (and yes, it’s still free).

I wanted to have some worksheets and the opportunity for you to ask questions about the information we talk about on The Solopreneur Survival Guide podcast. That, and I know that you’re busy likely working at least one other job while trying to start and grow your business, so you needed something that would travel with you wherever you had to go.

The app includes:

  • video and audio lessons for each podcast episode
  • lots of fillable worksheets directly in the app that automatically send themselves to your email inbox
  • the ability to ask questions and get feedback on your work as you go through the course